New Forest and Hampshire County Show | Charity of the Year

The New Forest Trust

The New Forest Trust, whose charitable aims are to conserve, protect and promote understanding of the New Forest, is honoured to be chosen as the New Forest Show’s Charity of the year for 2018.
Our primary way of achieving our aims is to support conservation and education projects in the New Forest. These are either run directly by us or through providing grants to other local organisations who are working to protect the unique habitats and cultural history from the numerous issues threatening it.

Over the last few years we have supported many important projects including start-up funding for the Pondhead Conservation Trust; a local community woodland thriving with wildlife. We have also paid for transponders to track rare bats that live in the Forest, supported the education work of the New Forest Centre, the work of the New Forest Land Advice Service and campaigns to reduce animal accidents on the Forest’s roads, as well as many more.

We are also trying to building up a stock of land and housing to be rented at affordable rates to young commoners as it is the grazing animals that create and maintain the open areas and many of the things that are special about the New Forest. With high house and land prices young commoners are struggling to continue the tradition of grazing animals, without them the future of the New Forest is threatened.
Our work depends totally on the generosity of those who value the uniqueness of the New Forest so please visit our website – for more information about us, what we do and how you can make a donation.

We need your support!